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Highest rent increases ever? Top 3 Valley rent raisers

Posted at 4:34 AM, Jun 06, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-06 10:16:24-04

Just because you can, should you? And if so, why so much?

These are questions Valley renters are asking landlords about rate increases larger than have ever been seen here.

Adam Rangel is dealing with it right now.

"When they jacked it up that much I was like, 'they're crazy,'" he says.

Adam says he doesn't want to pay the much-higher renewal rate at his place, but he says if he wants to stay in the Valley, he's stuck.

"Between a rock and a hard place. I said, 'well, if that's what I'm going to have to pay,'" he says.

So many renters let us know about increases, we're highlighting those that, for whatever reason, are the Valley's biggest rent raisers.

Last time we looked, Avery On The Green Apartments in Chandler took the top spot.

It's where Stephanie lived for three years before facing a 54% increase to renew.

"No upgrades, nothing's been done since we moved in," she says.

This new batch of rent-raising Valley apartment complexes you let me know about want even more money to renew.

3. Sahara and Playa Palms Apartments in Gilbert

Josue says his one-bedroom with $825 rent is now $1,325 — a 61% increase.

He says his family moved out but "with the increased cost of daycare, we're barely getting by."

2. The Laurel Apartments in Chandler

It's where Adam says he had paid $1,121 monthly for his one-bedroom place.

But at renewal time, one-bedroom apartments were going for much more

"The sticker shock is ridiculous," he says.

At $1,835, it's a 63% year-to-year increase.

Adam says even though he already lived in the complex, he was offered no discount other than a waived application fee.

"It's about half my take-home pay," he says.

But even that percentage increase, isn't as high as our top apartment rent-raiser in the Valley.

1. Bingham Blocks Apartments in Glendale

Kevin's $700 base rate will now be $1,150.

While that amount is still less than others we've shown, it's a 64% rise and the biggest percentage increase we've seen year to year.

Kevin says his rent is taking "57% of my paycheck monthly."

Adam got lucky.

He's able to say no to The Laurel's new high rates. He's now renting from a friend and thinking of the future.

"Hopefully, I'll be in a position to buy by the end of this year," he says.

I asked each of the complexes why they would increase rent so much year to year.

No one returned my emails or calls by our deadline.

Before renewing, look around — rates are up but not all as high as these.

If you need emergency rental assistance, contact the Arizona Department of Economic Security to see if it has a program for you.

Phoenix renters and those with incomes that qualify can contact Community Legal Services for legal and other rental help.

How much is your apartment rent going up? Do you know a place with reasonable rent rates? Let me know at