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High electric or internet bills? Let Joe Know shows you how to investigate

Posted at 5:11 PM, Dec 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-12 20:40:32-05

Did you have a couple of crazy electricity bills this summer?

Are you paying more for the internet than you thought you would?

What are the first steps you need to take to resolve the issues?

I took those questions to APS, SRP and CenturyLink recently.

Beth McFall with APS says if you have a bill issue, start with their online energy analyzer.

She says it allows you to see spikes day by day.

Maybe it was a very hot weekend.

Or maybe there's no explanation and it needs further investigation.

At SRP, Artie Whiting says while there's usually a different reason, you can test the meter for accuracy.

It basically means turning off electricity.

That should stop the meter from moving.

Then turn on an appliance and if the meter is moving, there could be an issue SRP needs to know about.

When it comes to the internet, maybe it's a billing issue.

Do you think you were promised one deal, but are paying more?

I usually use the online chat feature with any business.

That allows me to take screen shots of promises made for proof later.

Dan Cook with Century Link says it is important if you have an issue, to also have as much proof as possible backing up what you tell them.

Cook says it's great to keep notes of who you spoke to and the date because those phone call records can be examined.

All the businesses say if you have any issues, contact their customer service departments.