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Best price online? May not be worth the hassle!

Posted at 7:10 PM, Aug 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-27 22:10:28-04

When you're shopping online, do you go for the best price?

If so, would you do it even if you knew nothing about the business?

That could be dangerous.

Two women told me their story about dealing with Joe's AV electronics store.

And we can all learn from what they say happened.

The business had unbeatable online electronics prices.

But they say there were many red warning flags.

The first one; prices "too good to be true."

Diana Klotz thought she saved about $600 buying her big screen television from Joe's AV.

But after adding her payment information online, the business wanted her to call.

At that point, Diana says she encountered the 2nd warning sign- the upsell!.

She says she was talked into spending another $1000 for a "better" model.

But when the TV arrived, it had what looks like a crack.

It's internal damage to the screen, and she says the company would do nothing.

Cristina Oprea also found the best possible price for her TV at Joe's AV.

She also was told to call the company after buying online.

She says the business also tried to upsell her on a different model for more money.

But Cristina says she stuck with the one she thought she bought.

After months of waiting, she never got her TV.

She wasn't charged but missed all of the Black Friday, and Cyber Monday deals thinking she had already bought a TV.

Looking back, both women would have found some negative reviews online.

That's the 3rd warning sign here.

A year ago, the Better Business Bureau issued an alert about Joe's AV saying they had repeated complaints about the business allegedly, "Upselling merchandise that has already been purchased."

The Joe's AV website is now down.

It seems they are out of business.

But the lessons we can learn from consumer experiences, live on!