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Getting Medicare calls or COVID-19 texts? Which should you answer?

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Posted at 4:48 PM, Feb 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-24 08:28:21-05

If you get a text from the government asking COVID-19 questions, should you answer?

What if you or your parents were called about new Medicare cards. Do you respond?

With so many government scams going on right now, it's crucial you know which texts or calls are real.

Take the Census text going to people in Arizona and across the country.

Bobbie emailed wanting to know why the Census is asking COVID questions.

The text says, "Official Census Bureau request: Please answer survey on COVID -19 crisis." And it comes with a link. Bobbie asks, "is it a scam?"

This one is not a scam. It's called the Household Pulse Survey. There are 50 questions including how you spent your stimulus money and will you get the vaccine?

The Census Bureau says it's "intended to support the nation's recovery" and addresses are chosen randomly, not you personally.

STILL, I advise never clicking on unknown links in texts or emails. If you want information, go to the contacts you know are legitimate for the agency.

Pam got a call wanting to ship new Medicare cards and says they were "checking my address."

She says she wouldn't give out any other information and wants to know if it is legitimate.

While Medicare did send out new cards without Social Security numbers, that is long over.

Medicare says they will never call uninvited and never ask for your personal information.

And if you think there's an issue with Medicare, call or email through contacts you've used before and know are real!

Finally, many people have concerns about a different text from Maricopa County with a link to answer questions. It says someone with this phone number tested positive for COVID.

But Leslie says she never tested positive and suspects a scam.

We've said it before but with so many people still asking, once again this one is real if 602-462-0851 is a phone number listed and it has a address.

If you didn't get a COVID test, the county says ignore the text.