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Get your JIF refund? Questions about recall

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Posted at 5:00 AM, May 31, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-31 09:56:19-04

More than a dozen product recalls are being linked to that JIF peanut butter Salmonella recall we've told you about. It has some consumers wondering about the best way to get their money back.

Nearly 50 JIF peanut butter products are being recalled after being linked to the infections.

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Chris White let me know he had three jars on the recall list, including one that was half-eaten.

He says the open jar didn't make anyone sick.

So far, none of the 16 confirmed Salmonella infections linked to the product are in Arizona.

But with jars he can't use, White says he checked the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and JIF websites, wondering the best way to get his money back.

"All they said was throw it away immediately. I said that's not a recall," White says.

He says there was no refund information.

On the FDA site, JIF's parent company, JM Smucker, says don't use the product and "dispose of it."

White wonders how to get anything back if you threw away the product.

"A recall would be return it for a refund or replacement," he says.

White did eventually find a JIF recall page. But again, there was no refund information.

JM Smucker says they would review and "send coupons for replacement products."

They did not confirm having any monetary refund policy for this recall.

And since this and most product recalls are voluntary, that decision is up to the company, not the government.

The FDA tells me they don't "determine reimbursement and replacement policies" and are instead responsible for making sure recalled products are "no longer" on shelves.

White did get his money back but it was not directly through JIF.

He says he took his three jars to Sam's Club where he bought them.

White says that's nice, "except for folks who already threw theirs away."

Costco, Fry's, Safeway, and Albertsons all tell me they will also give full refunds if you bought the recalled products there and return them.

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Here's the JM Smucker statement:
"To ensure appropriate compensation, our standard process is to issue coupon reimbursement. Due to the volume of consumer inquiries, this process allows us to ensure more timely reimbursement. If consumers have any additional questions on our reimbursement process, they can contact us at 800-828-9980"

Here's the FDA's statement:
"The FDA does not determine reimbursement and replacement policies for companies recalling product from the food supply. The FDA's responsibility is ensuring the recalled product is no longer available for retail sale. We cannot speak on behalf of the company for why their recommendations have changed since first issuing the recall, so we recommend you reach out to the company directly for more information. "