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Fake NFL site keeps Valley woman waiting

Posted at 6:57 PM, Dec 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-19 09:03:57-05

SURPRISE, AZ — A Valley woman is afraid she trusted the wrong website with her debit card.

Lisa in Surprise let me know she ordered a Philadelphia Eagles jersey from a website offering deep discounts. She was referred by a fan group on a Facebook forum.

She says the website looked authentic.

Once payment was received, the company was to "send an email confirmation with tracking information."

That never happened.

Still she says money was immediately taken from her account, including a weird international charge.

Lisa says she has "emailed this company every single day since December 2, 2018 and have never heard back."

But the closer you look, the red flags become clearer.

For starters, there's no company phone number. While it does show an address in the real town of Worthington, Ohio, we could not find the street listed.

Then there's the grammar.

On the "shipping page" it tells consumers not to "worry if your package is sucked by custom we will re-ship your package to you."

Buried in the FAQ section is the explanation for the extra charge. It says they are from a different country, use a different currency, so the charge is tacked on by their bank.

We did some digging and found it's the same explanation used by other fake NFL, NBA and MLB sites that claim to be official but have strange web address and abnormally low prices.

Bottom line: if you're not buying from official websites or stores that you know, you may not get what you ordered, wait a long time, or be charged too much.