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Drivers say ADOT is not answering registration concerns

Posted at 6:00 AM, Mar 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-26 10:03:59-04

PHOENIX — Now that more people are going back to the workplace, our cars are more important.

But some Arizona drivers say they're having problems with registrations and licenses and still can't get answers from the state.

Melanie and Francisco Carvalho received a letter from the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) about an unpaid charge.

"It says no sufficient funds notice, a check paying for a driver's license or vehicle registration," Francisco says.

It appears a $336 check bounced and there's a $25 penalty.

But the couple says they didn't write a check and there's no information about which car is affected.

AhJah Robinson has a different ADOT issue. She paid for a five-year car registration. But a few months later, she says her car’s computer died and she couldn't use the car.

So, she bought another car and wanted a refund for the unused portion of her registration.

Over the last year, we've told you about ADOT COVID issues. Workers got the virus. Call centers and service locations had to close. And drivers complained they couldn't get easy procedures completed or get answers about their accounts.

AhJah says she called for months but either couldn't get through or was told she'd have to wait.

The Carvalhos say they emailed but didn't get any clarification. They say they later realized they hadn't paid registration for their son's car. But they say that cost was closer to $200.

"I don't feel comfortable spending $336 for something I don't know what it is," Francisco says.

We took the cases to ADOT and asked them to investigate. And it was good news.

The Carvalhos emailed saying "everything is cleared up. Thank you and we greatly appreciate it."

And while not a huge amount, AhJah says she also got money back and had a big weight lifted off her shoulders.

"She called me Monday morning and said we got a call from the news and we're going to Fed Ex the check to you and I said yes!! Thank you, Joe."

And thanks to ADOT for taking the time to look at these cases and clear them up.