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Donate your old laptop to students finishing online

But protect yourself before giving it away
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Posted at 9:50 PM, Apr 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-08 01:39:25-04

As Arizona students have to complete the school year online, it's clear many don't have the tools to do it.

State officials say as many as 100,000 students don't have the computers or technology to work efficiently online as required.

So, you know that old laptop you've had in the closet?

A number of computer drives are popping up around the state that will take them and give them to students who need them.

The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce has teamed with Data Doctors to do that.

We were there when 70 computers came to a Data Doctors Phoenix location, donated by Valley of the Sun United Way.

The computers were a few years old.

But Data Doctors Ken Colburn says the age doesn't matter.

All of their 17 locations are accepting laptop and computer donations.

Their techs are then updating and making the laptops usable for student needs.

Any time you donate or sell your computer, it's important to protect your privacy.

There's likely a lot of personal information stored on your computer like pictures, files, passwords and more.

In this case, the Data Docs techs are removing personal information from the laptops.

But they will also remove the hard drive and give it to you if requested.

Click here for more ways to remove personal information from your devices.

So far, Jennfier Mellor with the Chamber says they have around 300 donated laptops and counting.

The first 100 will go to Phoenix Unified High School District students later this week.

They are still deciding which Maricopa County school districts will get other computers.

Click here if your school district would like to be on the donation list.