Customers says businesses did not keep promises

Posted at 7:23 PM, Jun 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-09 22:26:18-04

We get a lot of promises to make things right for consumers-- to get us to go away.

Now we're following up on a couple of those promises to find out whether or not they made good on them.

In November 2014, American Laser Skincare filed bankruptcy and went out of business.

Many customers prepaid for services and were concerned that money was lost forever.

But in a statement the company said they were "taking steps to try and find alternative providers."

We reported that.

More than a year later, American Laser Skincare has moved on.

And customers tell me they never received any information about an alternative provider.

In another story, earlier this year the owner of a Cave Creek rental home received nearly $7000 in rent from Tyler Dobbins.

Dobbins came with his family from North Carolina for a life-saving medical procedure for his wife, Lauren.

After arriving, the Dobbins couldn't take possession of the house.

He says owner Bill Muller told him the house wasn't ready.

Dobbins' wife didn't survive the surgery.

Now left with two children, no home and no money, the Phoenix Fire Department stepped in to fill the family's immediate need.

But Dobbins wanted and needed his money back.

We tried to get the $7,000 back from Muller.

 He told us he spent it, but promised to pay it back installments.

We reported that.

Three months later, Dobbins tells me he hasn't received a dime.

We tried calling and stopping by the home Muller was supposed to have rented to the Dobbins.

New renters are in the home.

On Wednesday Bill Muller finally called back saying he'd been going through a tough time.

But he insists that he made his first payment two days ago.

The Dobbins tell me they've received nothing yet.

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