City not listening? How to get action!

Posted at 5:16 PM, Jun 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-22 23:00:00-04
Do have something your city needs to address?
But you can't get their attention?
Clemente Chavez may have the answer, if you have the time!
He and other neighbors living near David Crockett Elementary School in Phoenix say the roads are unsafe.
Clemente says he's seen crashes, roll overs and drivers at speeds far beyond the 15-20 mile per hour school zone limit.
So he's spent years trying to get attention from the City of Phoenix.
His request is simple:  speed bumps.
He gathered neighborhood signatures and tried getting donations to cover part of the $1,500+ price tag.
Clemente even got Crockett School involved.
Principal Sean Hannafin says car speeds have been dangerous.
And that Clemente "really took the lead" on getting something done about it.
But when Clemente says the city still wasn't taking action, he let me know.
Our Assistance League of Phoenix volunteer team went to work.
Volunteer Jay made repeated calls to the city on Clemente's behalf.
Clemente says Jay "kept urging me not to give up."
And finally, Clemente's persistence paid off.
The city installed three speed "cushions" on streets around the school.
Kerry Wilcoxon with the city of Phoenix says "Clemente did a fantastic job organizing people, getting the necessary signatures of support and raising as much money as he could.
When he brought the completed petitions and the commitment from the school to us we wanted to do everything we could to help out, So we scraped together the funds to make up the difference between what the neighborhood could raise and the cost of the speed cushions. We can't always do this but if people demonstrate that they want traffic calming, we do our best to make sure it happens."
And Clemente says it's already slowing traffic.
"I'm really happy with it. They came out exactly like we wanted them," he says.
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