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Chaos inside the car wash?

Drivers complain about damage
Posted at 5:00 AM, Apr 26, 2019

Car washes are a big deal in the desert.

But some drivers complain their cars were damaged while going through automatic washes.

Gerry Marzillo says he didn't notice a problem until he got home.

Then he saw his driver's side mirror was gone.

So he says he went back to the car wash and found it laying inside.

But Gerry says the car wash called his Saturn an old car, and wouldn't do anything for him.

We've heard about car wash damage before.

Customers showed us video of their cars being forced into other cars while inside different local automatic car washes.

Again, the car washes stood behind their sign that says they take "no responsibility" for damage.

They told me damage is most always the fault of a driver stepping on the brake pedal or turning the steering wheel.

But when Gerry couldn't get help, he let me know.

And the Let Joe Know/Better Business Bureau team took over.

Volunteer Cathy thought the business was responsible for Gerry's damage.

And she pushed them to acknowledge the problem.

Gerry says Cathy was "very prompt and professional."

And shortly after coming to us, the car wash agreed they needed to take care of it.

So they ordered a new mirror assembly and installed it.

Gerry says he likely would have never gotten the result, if he didn't let us know.

After a car wash, check your car for any damage.

If you see something, demand to get the inside camera video.

If the business will not take care of the issue, you can always sue and that video is crucial.