"Bogus" letter could cost you and your business unnecessary money

Posted at 7:54 PM, Apr 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-04 17:24:35-04

Just because something you get in the mail looks legitimate, doesn't mean you should assume it is.

Local business owners say they've been getting official looking letters recently that might not have your best interest in mind.

It's aimed at businesses and uses words like "requirements" and "consequence."

And Paul Preston says it could scare some people.

He says the way the letter reads, it looks like "if you don't do it, your going to lose your business license."

When you get past the warnings, you see it's really a document preparation service.

It comes from Compliance Filings Service.

They want to prepare your annual minutes for $150.

The law does require annual minutes be maintained by corporations.

But it's not required that LLC's keep minutes.

And there is no requirement for any business to file their minutes with the Arizona Corporation Commission.

So Angie Holdsworth, the Corporation Commission's Communications Director, put out a warningabout Compliance Filing Services last year.

It called the solicitations "bogus" and says they are not affiliated with the Corporation Commission.

That is stated on the bottom of the business letter.

But since those letters are being sent out again,  Angie and I went to the Phoenix address listed for Compliance Filings Service.

We found an office that housed multiple businesses.

And on that day, we're told no one is there for the Filings Service.

Messages were not returned.

Paul dissolved his business.

He believes he's still on the list, because he fell for a similar offer years ago.

We can't say for sure which business Paul paid last time.

And Compliance Filings Service has not been charged with doing anything illegal.

The concern is businesses might be scared into paying for something they don't need.

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