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Biggest scams in the Valley this week

Posted at 4:20 PM, Nov 15, 2018

Beware of contractors taking your money, and not doing the job.

It's one of this week's worst scams going on in the Valley this week.

We went through hundreds of emails and found contractors taking a lot of money upfront.

They make excuses to get it.

Then, with little or no work done, they never come back.

In one case, they had a fake license!

Try not to give more than 10% upfront and the rest based on progress.

And always check contractor's licenses with the Registrar of Contractors.

Another big scam involved emails and texts saying there's a problem with your business account.

Paypal and Bank of America were used by scammers this week.

NEVER click on links in these emails.

That could allow hackers into your computer.

NEVER give personal information to get "access" restored.

ALWAYS contact the business through a legitimate phone number or website email.