Valley contractor's license revoked

Posted at 5:39 PM, Dec 02, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-02 19:39:43-05
After numerous complaints, Murray and Sons Construction lost their contractor's license.
The state's Registrar of Contractors revoked it saying there were 18 complaints involving the business ranging from poor workmanship to abandoning jobs.
Sarah Trigg says she's one of the victims.
Sarah signed a $61,000 contract for major backyard landscaping.
And she paid the $15,000 she says was demanded by the company upfront.
But then Sarah says workers didn't show up and the excuses began.
"Because his wife just gave birth. I'm like you told me last week his wife gave birth. How many births can she have in a week?" Sarah says she asked.
Owner Tiffanie Ann Murray and Darryl Fisher cannot get a license for a year.
The ROC says Paul La Chance was also mentioned in many of the complaints.
Sarah says he was a big part of her case.
The ROC says La Chance had multiple complaints filed against him in the past and had been found guilty of contracting without a license.
Murray and Sons attorney Lafayette Newsome sent us this statement:
"Thank you for the opportunity to respond to the concerns of Mrs. Trigg. At this time, we have pending litigation against former employees that prevent us from discussing the situation in greater detail but below is a brief response. 
Due to issues beyond our control, we were forced to stop doing business earlier this year with Mrs. Trigg. Currently, we are pursuing pending litigation against former employees and outstanding invoices, which when complete, will allow us to rectify the situation we are currently facing. 
As for Mrs. Trigg's particular situation, we have been working diligently to resolve the issue and find an amicable resolution to cover the work already completed and materials already delivered/ordered.
Unfortunately, we are still working to resolve the situation. However, we strongly anticipate resolving the issue in a manner favorable to all parties as we settle the final operational pieces of our business. 
Murray and Sons Construction is built upon a strong reputation. This is supported by the hundreds of positive customer reviews that are available online. It is unfortunate that a few unsatisfied customers have the ability to outweigh the hundreds of above satisfactory projects completed by Murray and Sons."
So far, Sarah says the $15,000 has not been returned. 
While she did check out the company before she hired, sometimes problems can't be avoided.
But, before hiring a contractor, make sure to question all large upfront deposits,
Also check the contractors license constantly at the ROC website. Sarah says Murray and Sons was suspended the day she signed.
And check the physical address listed with the ROC. 
We found the address listed for Murray and Sons is a mail drop at a Phoenix UPS store.
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