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Worried about your diet during the holidays? Here's advice from nutritionists

Posted at 1:24 PM, Dec 05, 2018

With so many parties and a lot of great food during the holiday season, it's impossible to eat well and not be tempted to binge eat with all the delicious treats and alcohol, right?

Well, not exactly. Here’s some advice from nutritionists, who are helping to break some of those holiday food myths.

Instead of giving yourself a “cheat day” and binge eating at each event, nutritionists say to spread out the indulging and allow yourself one treat at every party.  

Most of us need a little alcohol to be merry and bright. If you're worried about calories, shots or tequila may be the way to go. Tequila has less than 65 calories per shot, compared to a glass of red wine at 125.

With all the fattening foods around, you may reach for the fat-free items on the table in order to not feel guilty. However, nutritionists say not to do that. You may actually want to have the food you want, because it's often times more filling. Most importantly, it’ll satisfy your cravings, so you don't end up going overboard.  

And those holiday desserts…

If you want a sweet treat, opt for the gingerbread man cookies if it’s available.  

It screams holidays and saves you about 50 to 100 calories.