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What to consider when starting a new fitness plan in 2022

Posted at 7:53 AM, Jan 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-11 09:53:40-05

If your New Year’s resolution is to get healthier in 2022, you aren't alone. So ABC15 asked the experts about what you should consider before diving straight into a new fitness plan.

For Jake Coyle, owner of Todd Smith Fitness in Phoenix, teaching others to get healthy is personal.

“The beginning journey for me started with seeing my family battle drug addiction, alcohol addiction, body shaming, all the things our mind can start playing games with,” Coyle said. “Now that they’re better and they’re sober, they’ve created an exercise routine very similar to what I teach my clients.”

It’s a routine that starts with your mindset, and a common goal in the new year. That’s why Coyle says he sees an increase in clients come January.

“Typically, those individuals set some really great goals and our whole method is we want to break those into bite sizable goals so it’s not super overwhelming,” Coyle said.

Dr. Saudamini Wadwekar, Chief Medical Officer of Apricus Health, agrees.

“Have achievable, realistic goals set for you,” she said.

Dr. Wadwekar also wants you to get a check-up with your primary care physician to make sure your heart and joints are in good condition. She recommends keeping a balanced diet — one that won’t interfere with any medications you’re taking. If you’re already a few weeks in and starting to feel burnt out, remember to take things slow.

“'I just ran for five miles and now I’m achy all over.' Of course. Your body is not used to that kind of exercise regime,” she said.

Coyle says that will also make you more likely to stick with your new routine and get the results you want.

Next week, his gym is starting a 50-day challenge: only two workouts a week for 50 days.

“Because it allows the body to not get injured and if the body does not get injured, well then we can sustain the results long term,” he said.