WATCH: One-on-one interview with Ivanka Trump

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Posted at 4:54 AM, Sep 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-17 09:24:08-04

PHOENIX — Ivanka Trump made a campaign stop in Phoenix Wednesday, with the move continuing to prove how important votes are in what has now become a battleground state.

The busy mom, entrepreneur, and advisor to President Trump was in Phoenix working to secure undecided Arizona votes.

In an exclusive interview with ABC15, she talked one-on-one with our Kaley O'Kelley about issues important to Arizona families hit hardest by the coronavirus.

O'Kelley asked the President's daughter about the campaign fight to nail down undecided voters. She asked, "So much has been said about the divisive nature of where we are. With so many undecided voters right now, people who may just vote for Joe Biden, because they don't know what's happening when it comes to, you know, the chaotic nature of things. What do you say to those people who are still on the fence?"

Trump replied, "I think fundamentally, we all have to ask ourselves the question of, 'what are we for?' Are we for safe communities? Are we for a thriving economy that enables people to experience their personal dream? Not what they're told they should be but what they want to be, whether that's as an entrepreneur or in the workforce, whether we want to live in an economy that affords people that pathway to upward mobility."

She also talked with O'Kelley about the Middle East peace deal.

"It just gave me chills. I mean, we want peace. We want our troops to come back home. We got peace through strength, through our military with the hope that we don't have to use them, and where we use them, we use them to defend American interests, not abstract concepts or nation-building or permanent police. So peace is vital, and it's great. And it should be celebrated by all, even in an incredibly partisan time."