Protesters gather in Washington DC as nation awaits Election Day results

Protesters gather in Washington DC as nation awaits Election Day results
Posted at 4:12 PM, Nov 03, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Protesters on both sides of the political spectrum have gathered in the nation’s capital as the U.S. prepares for Election Day results.

Specifically, the area surrounding the White House has become a hot spot for demonstrators in support of President Donald Trump, as well as those in favor of former Vice President Joe Biden.

The view outside the president’s residency is a little different this year, though. “Anti-scale” fencing has been put in place around the White House to prevent people from making their way onto the grounds during this tumultuous time.

Some protesters at the site voiced opposition to the fence.

“You ever seen something like that before?” asked Alex Loueffler, a Biden supporter. “That and the snipers on the roof, he’s that afraid off the will of the people and the big bad votes.”

The White House is far from the only place preparing for potential unrest following the results of the general election. Businesses across the country are preparing just in case we see similar destruction during some of the protests over racial injustice over the summer.

Scripps spoke with some D.C. business owners who said they planned to close down early when the polls close. They said that’s when they’re more nervous about what could happen in the district.

One D.C. resident said the boarding-up of his community is a bit sad.

“I mean that’s where we are, I guess. It’s actually been a little bit emotional for me to see you know seeing that happening,” said D.C. resident Alex Parcan. “I mean I’m from here. I’m not used to seeing on a night that should be, whatever your political persuasion is, a night that should be about us celebrating our democracy. That we’re in this place where we are having to board up buildings and things, like that’s sad.”

Meanwhile, other protesters are in support of the fencing and added security, but they wish it wasn’t necessary.

“It’s actually very sad and also very sad that when there’s a Republican running for office, the other side makes threats and says it will burn it down, well the Trump supporters in the streets will make them know they’re not welcome,” said James Sullivan, a Trump supporter. “I think it’s a logical response to threats and the president and the Trump administration, the police of D.C., they have to treat every threats seriously.”

Law enforcement is also camped out around Washington, just in case any of the protests regarding the election turn violent or need broken up.

Regardless of the electoral results, protests are expected to continue for days to come.

So far, they’ve been peaceful, and it seems a majority of people out on the streets want to keep it that way.

“All I want is a peaceful transition,” said one protester. “I mean it’s been done this way since we’ve had a president. It’s always been peaceful and that’s really all we want.”

That protester thinks it’s important to set an example for the world.

“We are Americans. The world watches us. We set the example. Let’s show the world how a peaceful transition looks like. Let’s be Americans, united and strong.”