Snakes in Arizona: Take a 360º look at how professionals remove snakes from residences

Posted at 11:22 AM, Dec 12, 2017

Bryan Hughes runs a Valley snake removal business, Rattlesnake Solutions, which has seen over 1,400 removals in 2017 alone.

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Along with his job, Hughes has traveled the continent documenting and researching snakes, and teaching what he learns.

His knowledge includes snake safety and, of course, professional snake removal.

Step into the action of a snake removal with Bryan Hughes using 360º video!

For hikers hitting the paths, Hughes has some recommendations to stay safe:

  • Keep your eyes open
  • Don't hike with headphones
  • Don't reach into holes you can't see

"Assume there is a bear trap somewhere hidden on the mountain while you are hiking," said Hughes. "How would you handle that situation?"

If you do run into a snake while hiking, Hughes recommends going away -- quickly.

"[The snake] won't necessary announce itself," Hughes said, as it will hide under rocks or try to rely on its natural camouflage to avoid interaction.

There are two ways to get in trouble when running into a snake, either on the trail or at your home, according to Hughes: if you step directly on or right next to a snake, or if you try to pick up the snake.

If you do find a snake in or around your home, Hughes recommends leaving the removal to a professional.

As Hughes describes his removal process, he emphasizes that people can unknowingly injure or kill a snake when they try to pick them up.

Thankfully, Hughes has not been bitten by any snakes carrying venom.

"I have not been bitten by anything venomous and I plan on keeping it that way."