Casinos in Arizona: Tips to maximize your luck at the slots

Posted at 10:00 PM, Feb 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-01 13:01:05-05

Are you upping your odds when it comes to winning the jackpot at Valley casinos? Turns out, there are some things to know before hitting the slots. 

First and foremost, know which machines to pick! Try to stay away from progressive jackpot machines, as they take a lot longer to win big. 

Next up, consider maximizing your bets. Some machines require you to play the max credits, and those games generally have a higher payout percentage. 

Third, find the "loosest spots" around the casino floor. A lot of casinos strategically place loose slots in high-traffic areas, so people pass right by them. Go for the ones in busy walking areas, and you could find a winner!

The Arizona Department of Gaming tells us they can't reveal exactly how much individual casinos pay out, but that every casino has a payout percentage requirement. 

"The tribes are required to meet a minimum of 80 percent of payouts," Department of Gaming spokeswoman Caroline Oppelman explains. "So 80 percent of the money gamblers put in must come out."

These Class III slot machines are divided into three different categories:

  • Keno – 75% to 100% payout percent
  • "No skill" games – 80% to 100% payout percent
  • "Skill" games – 83% to 100% payout percent

So keep in mind, playing a "skill" slot machine, like video poker or video blackjack, has the best opportunity to net a payout. 

One game that may be extra lucky for Valley casino-goers? Wheel of Fortune!

Just a few weeks ago, a Laveen woman won a mega jackpot on the machine at Vee Quiva, taking home just over $115,000! And last year, another casino visitor won $845,000!