Weird Phoenix crimes: 10 craziest Valley crimes of 2016

Posted at 1:43 PM, Dec 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-27 17:55:03-05

Did you hear the one about the man taking a bath in his front yard? How about the one where a man threatened to inject people with HIV?

2016 saw its fair share of absurd crimes around the Valley, so we compiled 10 of the craziest since January.

Take a look at some of the weird headlines below:


Phoenix PD: Burglar caught wearing clothes he stole from a 2-year-old

Court records show that a 45-year-old man was caught hiding in an apartment, wearing the clothing of the victims' 2-year-old daughter. Click here to read more.


Mesa cop finds thief stealing from arcade machine with his arm still inside

The man was found on his knees with a flashlight in one hand and his other hand still inside the machine he was stealing from. Click here to read more.


Woman arrested for practicing dentistry without license in Phoenix apartment

Court records show that the unlicensed dentist had been using the apartment as her office for the past two years. Click here to read more.



Records: Undocumented immigrant posed as dead veteran to get VA, Social Security benefits

An undocumented immigrant had reportedly been using the identity of a dead man for the past four years to get benefits worth nearly $30,000. Click here to read more.


Goodyear man kills, burns family dog in smoker; says "The devil made me do it" 

A Goodyear father reportedly sacrificed his family dog because he was upset over his daughter's shirt. Click here to read more.


Phoenix squatter demands to speak with Floyd Mayweather after arrest

A Phoenix man, squatting in a house for sale, demanded to speak with boxing champion Floyd Mayweather after his arrest. Click here to read more.


Phoenix man has online relationship with '15-year-old,' invites her to his home to 'do dishes'

Court records show that the man sent multiple nude pictures and videos of himself and other men to the "girl," and invited her over to his house to "clean dishes" and engage in sexual activities. Click here to read more.


PD: Phoenix man takes bath in front yard

Court records show that on August 16 neighbors near 39th Avenue and McDowell Road got an eye full as a man thought it would be good to bathe in his front yard. Click here to read more.


Police: Stranger enters woman's Mesa home, eats her food, uses her shower, and sleeps in her bed

Court records show that on October 2, a woman returned to her home in Mesa to find a stranger sleeping in her bed after eating her food and using her shower. Click here to read more.


Mesa PD: Man threatens to shoot victims with tranquilizer gun filled with HIV

A man from Payson reportedly threatened to infect Mesa residents with HIV while demanding money from them. Click here to read more.