UPDATE: City of Phoenix employee accused stalking, keeping nude photos on city-issued iPad

Posted at 11:22 AM, Nov 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-10 13:24:46-05

A City of Phoenix employee accused of stalking his ex-girlfriend was arrested again after he continued to harass her after his release from jail.

Police report that 44-year-old Richard Lee Abbott was released from jail on October 27. He was initially arrested on charges of stalking and unlawful distribution of images.

Abbott was accused of storing nude photographs of his ex-girlfriend on a city-issued iPad and throwing physical copies of the photos onto her yard.

Police report that "two witnesses saw a naked picture of the victim and a man on a City of Phoenix iPad and iCloud account that the suspect had access to since he is a City of Phoenix employee."

Police say that Abbott sent about 70 e-mails and over 1,800 text messages to the victim where he threatened to kill her and assault her family. Abbott also would send nude photos of her in the e-mails and texts

Records show that Abbott works for the Neighborhood Services Department and is on long-term disability.

In this case, court records show that six days after his jail release, Abbott sent an e-mail to the victim in violation of his release conditions and an order of protection he was served with while in jail. 

In the e-mail, Abbott allegedly sent a picture of himself with no shirt on and a woman nude from the waist down. There was also a comment attached, which said in part: "They are watching our videos now. Do something before it goes too far." 

Police found more videos when they searched Abbott's home.

Abbott is now being held without bond on an additional charge of aggravated harassment.

ABC15 reached out to the City of Phoenix for comment. They referred our inquiry to police. ABC15 has reached out to police and will update our story as more information comes into the newsroom.