State lays out case against accused AZ terror suspect Mahin Khan

Posted at 5:43 PM, Aug 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-17 21:49:09-04

State prosecutors in the case of terror suspect Mahin Khan, 18,have outlined their case in court documents released Wednesday.

In documents obtained by ABC15, prosecutors show witnesses and evidence that they may use in the case against Khan.

The government is accusing Khan of writing e-mails to an alleged member of the Pakistan Taliban, seeking weapons and instructions for a pipe bomb, a type of homemade explosive, and plotting to blow up a local motor vehicle office. It's not clear whether Khan was corresponding with an actual member of the Taliban or a federal agent, but records show that he said he supported the Islamic State group.

 A grand jury charged Khan with terrorism, conspiracy to commit terrorism and conspiracy to commit misconduct involving weapons. The Arizona teenpleadnot guilty at the Maricopa County Superior Court on July 15.

Prosecutors may call two Federal Bureau of Investigation agents to testify. They may bring forth crime scene photos, DNA evidence and prior convictions of Khan.

Also on the list of evidence are voice message transcripts, e-mails, Google account information, screenshot images, Khan's written statement and his interview.

Prosecutors may also present jail tapes recorded from July 8 to Aug. 5.