Shoes link "door kick" bandits to Goodyear burgalries, two co-workers arrested in crimes

Posted at 12:10 PM, Jun 10, 2016

Two men are accused of kicking out doors Goodyear homes to rob victims of jewelry and other items.

Court records show that on May 31, Goodyear police responded to a call of a break in. Two men were detained and linked to three other break ins. Each time they entered the home by 'kicking in' a door.

Police report that around 10:45 a.m. two men "door kicked" the front door of a home near Estrella Parkway and Lower Buckeye Road. The homeowner was behind the door and was injured. The two suspects, 21-year-old Rafael Luevanos and 18-year-old James Michael Sermeno, left in a car but were quickly located, identified by the victim and detained. 

Police say they got another call that morning, regarding the burglary of another home about a mile away. In that burglary the door was also kicked in. Police report that Sermeno's shoes connected him to the door kicks.

Goodyear police also received burglary calls the week before, regarding two more break ins in the same area. In each case a door was kicked in or a window was broken to gain entry into the home.

Police report that the two admitted to stealing mostly jewelry from homes.

The value of property stolen and damaged was about $5,000.

Luevanos and Sermeno are co-workers at a roofing company and both face three charges of burglary and one count of assault.