Pool cleaner caught exposing himself at various apartment complex pools in Scottsdale

Posted at 3:27 PM, Jul 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-21 21:03:28-04

A man who owns and operates a pool cleaning company is accused of exposing himself in at pools in at least five Scottsdale apartment complexes.

Court records show that from March 7 until June 26, Scottsdale police received multiple calls of a man exposing himself and committing sex acts at a variety of community pools.

A detective recognized the description of the suspect from witnesses as belonging to a man who had been arrested before for similar crimes.

That man was 45-year-old Shannon Heath Crissman. Five witnesses from the various incidents were able to pick Crissman out of a photo lineup. He was previously convicted of public sexual indecency and trespassing.

On June 12, two female victims followed Crissman as he fled the pool area, getting pictures of him and his truck. The truck had pool equipment and a pool company logo on the side. In one of the pictures, Crissman is seen wearing a "wide-brimmed straw hat."

Police located Crissman on July 14 as he was driving his truck in Scottsdale. In his truck, they also found a log book and a "large brimmed straw hat."

Crissman has been charged with four counts of indecent exposure and five counts of public sexual indecency.