Police: Verbal argument escalates when Mesa man grabs machete

Police: Verbal argument escalates when Mesa man grabs machete
Posted at 11:42 AM, Mar 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-31 14:42:15-04

A verbal altercation in Mesa reaches a new level when one person returns with a machete. 

Court records show that on March 24, a Mesa man responded to an altercation wearing only his underwear when he began chasing another man with a machete.

Mesa police report that 35-year-old Xavier Roman Incencio witnessed an argument in the parking lot of his apartment complex near Gilbert Toad and Main Street. 

Police say Incencio left his apartment wearing only his underwear and joined the argument, he then left and went back to his apartment, leaving the victim and others still engaged in the verbal altercation. Incencio then returned to the parking lot, still only wearing his underwear, but this time holding a machete. Police say Incencio chased the victim around the victim's car. The victim managed to lock the doors of his car to protect his wife who was inside. He ran from Incencio until police arrived. Police say Incencio was still holding the machete when they arrived at the scene. 

Incencio has been charged with aggravated assault.