Police: Phoenix jewelry store thief shoots out front door in escape

Police: Phoenix jewelry store thief shoots out front door in escape
Posted at 1:18 PM, Mar 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-30 16:18:26-04

A Phoenix jewelry store thief is locked in the store but escapes after firing multiple shots into the front door.

Phoenix police say that on February 13 two men entered the "Watch 'n' Save" jewelry store near 45th Street and Thomas Road.

After waiting for customers to leave the store, one man pointed a handgun at the store owner demanding jewelry. He soon jumped over the counter, grabbed a jewelry box and tossed it to his accomplice, later identified as, 28-year-old Tyler May. As May and the accomplice ran toward the front door, the owner remotely secured the door in an attempt to hold the robbers there until police arrived. 

As employees took cover, police say, the accomplice fired no less than 14 shots into the door trying to get it open. May threw his shoulder into the door several times trying to get it open and cut himself in the process. After several attempts, he was able to get the door open enough for him and his accomplice to escape.

Police were able to DNA match the blood left at the scene with May, who was on probation for car theft. 

May was located and arrested on March 23.

His accomplice is still at large with May telling police that he hasn't seen him or the jewelry since.

May has been charged with armed robbery.