Police: Phoenix man tries to run over ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend

Posted at 12:54 PM, Apr 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-17 15:54:26-04

A Phoenix man was arrested in North Phoenix for aggravated assault after he allegedly drove his truck at his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend and then ran over their bicycles.

Police report that on March 18, James John Hadges, age 55, tried to run over his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend with his truck near 7th Street and Union Hills Drive as they were riding their bicycles. 

The male victim retaliated by striking the truck with a metal pipe.

The female victim had an order of protection on Hedges, but he reportedly violated the order several times, even allegedly kidnapping the woman on April 6, after she got off work. He allegedly took her into the desert where she tried several times to escape from the truck, but Hedges pulled her back into the vehicle by her hair. 

He allegedly kept the woman until the next day when he dropped her off at the North Phoenix courthouse, demanding that she drop the order of protection.

Hedges was located and arrested by police on April 10 near 7th Avenue and Union Hills Drive.

Hedges is being held without bond as he was already on felony release on drug charges.

He is now being charged with kidnapping, criminal damage and multiple charges of aggravated assault.