Police: A woman rams two cars and a home in south Phoenix

Posted at 1:04 PM, Jun 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-09 20:34:33-04

A woman driving a Dodge Charger is accused of using it to ram two cars and a home.

Phoenix police report that on June 4 two people told them they heard a man and woman arguing outside their home near 24th Street and Broadway Road for about an hour. The two victims left the home shortly after but returned and sat in the car listening to music.

They tell police that's when one of the two people arguing, 45-year-old Santoshia White, rammed their car with her Dodge Charger. White then reportedly backed up and rammed their car two more times.

White then went down the street, and the two victims went inside the home. Then she allegedly turned around, raced back to their house and hit the house twice. Police located and arrested White after she fled the scene. police say she gave no explanation for her actions other than to say, "The system is working against her." 

Other than knowing her name the two victims say they have no relationship with White. As police investigated, they also found another car down the street that White rammed. The witness there reportedly told police that he was sitting on his front porch when White slammed into his parked car. He said White didn't stop but proceeded to the other home.

White has been charged with aggravated assault.