PD: PHX couple arrested after husband throws baby to wife

Posted at 3:04 PM, Feb 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-26 17:04:53-05

PHOENIX — A Phoenix couple was arrested after the dad threw their two-month-old daughter to her mother.

The baby didn't make it over to the mother and fell on the ground, causing her to suffer a broken leg.

Phoenix police responded to Banner Thunderbird Medical Center near 55th Avenue and Thunderbird Road after hospital staff contacted them on February 19 following the incident.

Doctors say that the lower leg fracture was in the process of healing and occurred about two weeks prior.

Investigators learned that the girl's parents, Jimmy and Danielle Montemer, brought the girl to Banner Estrella Medical Center on February 15 when they found the girl's leg to be hard and swollen.

They were referred to a specialist who determined that the fracture was "suspicious for non-accidental trauma."

The couple did not mention any falls, drops, or other possible causes for the fracture.

Police said when they were confronted with the doctor's suspicions, Jimmy allegedly admitted throwing the girl to Danielle in frustration over her crying and not eating, and Danielle's refusal to take her.

He reportedly told police that this happened on February 1.

He allegedly went on to say Danielle did not catch the baby, and she hit the floor.

They immediately saw a bruise on her eye but did not take her in for medical treatment. Instead, they researched treatments on the internet.

They later took her to the hospital when they noticed the swelling on her leg.

Police say Danielle would later tell them that she was scared to seek medical attention because she knew the police and DCS would be involved and possibly take her away.

They have both been charged with child abuse.