PD: Man tries to bribe Mesa officer after stolen vehicle arrest

Posted at 3:00 PM, Nov 20, 2019

MESA, AZ — A man allegedly offered a Mesa detective a $15,000 bribe after being arrested for stealing a UTV.

Mesa police report that on November 13, they received information saying Lowell Edward Smith, 64, and Eric Reese Woods, 47, had a stolen 2019 RZR UTV in their possession.

Court records show that detectives were watching as Smith and Woods set up ramps onto a large U-Haul truck, before driving the UTV into the truck.

Police say the UTV appeared to be brand new and is worth about $26,000.

Officers stopped Smith and Woods, who both allegedly admitted to knowing the UTV was stolen. Police say they were transporting it to another location to sell to a buyer for $2,700.

As Woods was being taken to jail, he told the detective that he would be getting $15,000 soon and offered to "throw some money" his way, according to police.

Woods and Smith have been charged with vehicle theft and trafficking stolen property. Woods is facing an additional charge of bribery.