PD: Man threatens Tempe light rail security officers with knife

Posted at 8:00 AM, Nov 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-16 16:13:00-05

TEMPE, AZ — A pair of light rail security officers were allegedly threatened by a man who was holding a large knife and threatening them, according to court documents.

Tempe police report that on November 5, they responded to the light rail platform near 5th Street and Mill Avenue when security officers reported a man causing a disturbance and refusing to leave.

Police say Stephen Rockne Bagalini, 58, was aggressive and verbally abusive toward the security guards. Bagalini allegedly pulled out a 10-inch knife and threatened the security guards, police say.

One security officer pulled out his pepper spray and prepared to use it when Bagalini reportedly dropped the knife and fled.

Tempe police located and arrested Bagalini nearby. Court records show that Bagalini also assaulted a detention officer at the Tempe city jail.

He's been charged with disorderly conduct.