PD: Man threatens Glendale bar on social media, shows up with weapon

Posted at 12:32 PM, Oct 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-21 21:49:18-04

A Glendale man threatened a local bar in an online rant then points a gun at bar workers. 

Court records show that a man posted threats against a Glendale bar on social media then returned to the bar, pointing a gun at bar employees. 

Police report that on September 24, Daniel Kahler Gooding, 29, was removed from a bar near 51st and Northern avenues. A few days later, he posted threats against the bar on social media. Gooding wrote, "It's over for ya all, you F***** with the wrong white boy, watch the news."

On October 2, Gooding returned to the bar, reportedly, streaming live video as bar workers who recognized him, refused him access to the bar. 

As the manager called police, Gooding allegedly returned to his car, rolled down the window and pointed a gun at bar workers.

Several witnesses got his license plate number, and Gooding was arrested a couple of weeks later.

Police say they found a BB gun, semi-automatic pistol replica in his vehicle. They also found identification cards of Gooding from California, Washington, and Hawaii.

He has been charged with Aggravated assault.