PD: Man released from prison for 12 hours, sexually assaults woman in Scottsdale

Posted at 11:38 AM, Oct 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-31 20:16:39-04

A man just released from prison reportedly sexually assaulted a woman in Scottsdale.

Court records show that on October 23, a man just released from prison sexually assaulted a woman, then took her to a convenience store, where she quietly requests help from customers.

Police report that 28-year-old Alexander Jonathan Griffore was released from prison on October 22, after doing two years in prison for burglary and drug violations. Police say he went online and ordered a prostitute, who met him at an apartment complex near Hayden Road and McCormick Parkway in Scottsdale. 

He met the woman in the parking lot and allegedly pulled her hair back and held a knife to her throat forcing her out of the car. Police say he took her to a bathroom inside the fitness center of the apartment complex held the knife blade next to her eye and told her how he, "hated black people" as he sexually assaulted her multiple times.

The victim reported to police that Griffore forced her into her vehicle and drove her around saying he was going to drop her off. Instead, he reportedly told her he was going to get some cigarettes, then assault her again.

Police say he took her to a convenience store where the woman quietly told customers that she was in trouble and she gave them her license plate number and asked for police assistance.

Police located and stopped the car where they found Griffore in possession of a knife, a chain with a collar and electrical tape.

Police say Griffore had blood on his underwear and was released from prison about twelve hours earlier after doing two years on burglary and drug charges.

The victim was reported to have blood on her leg and shoulder and facial bruising.  

Griffore reportedly denied having a knife or doing anything that wasn't consensual.

He is now being held without bond on multiple charges including sexual assault and aggravated assault.