PD: Gun doesn't fire when son pulls trigger on gun to father's head

Posted at 12:43 PM, Sep 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-30 22:16:01-04

A Phoenix man is fortunate to be alive after his son reportedly tried to shoot him during an argument.

Court records show that a man had a gun pointed at his head, but when his son pulled the trigger, the gun didn't fire.

Police report that on September 24, Justin William Cowman, 31, was upset with his father and punched him in the spine after a recent spinal surgery, causing him to black out. 

The man awoke the next day hearing his son and his girlfriend arguing while Cowman was trying to force her to marry him. Cowman reportedly heard the victim waking up and began to assault him again.

The father told police he feared for his life and retrieved a handgun to protect himself, but Cowman was able to take the gun away from him. Cowman then allegedly put the gun next to his father's head and pulled the trigger. However, there was no bullet in the chamber and the gun didn't fire.

Cowman then used the gun to assault the father, hitting his arms and face. 

The father managed to get out of the apartment and hide near a dumpster.

Police arrived and Cowman barricaded himself in the apartment. He fired several shots through the walls of the apartment before he surrendered. 

Cowman, who is a convicted felon for assault on an officer, has now been charged with aggravated assault.