PD: Avondale man caught stealing 26 water valves for copper

PD: Avondale man caught stealing 26 water valves for copper
Posted at 1:33 PM, Mar 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-01 15:35:45-05

A man living out of his car was caught on video stealing water valves from an Avondale business and selling them for copper. 

Avondale police report that on February 22, they arrested 43-year-old Jason Michael Jackson for allegedly stealing 26 water valves from eight locations in Avondale. 

Police say they set up a task force after reports of thefts of water valves from various Avondale properties including the city itself, Claim Jumper, PetSmart and Christ’s Church of the Valley. 


Surveillance video from the scenes of the thefts reportedly shows the same car in the area of each theft. That car is registered to Jackson. 

Police say, in total, the cost to replace the valves and repair the damage is valued at over $13,000. 

They report that Jackson, who police say, "is a skilled plumber" received nearly $1,000 for selling the scrap copper. 

Jackson was reportedly living in his car, where police say they found parts of 26 water valves and heroin. 

He's been charged with criminal damage and trafficking in stolen property.