Officials seized 130 pounds of 'burrito style' wrapped meth and cocaine near Gila Bend

Posted at 3:15 PM, Dec 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-11 19:24:23-05

GILA BEND, AZ — U.S. Border Patrol agents seized 130 pounds of meth and cocaine, valued at about $600,000, in two separate traffic stops earlier this week.

According to court records, the two vehicles were stopped Sunday by officials at a checkpoint near Gila Bend.

A drug dog alerted border patrol agents to the drugs inside the vehicle, driven by Yvonne Marie Samora, 28, and Frederico Herrera, 34. Agents reportedly found 84 wrapped bundles in the vehicle that later tested positive for meth.

Officials believe the value for the seized meth was worth $235,000.

Felicita Herrera, 31, and Juanita Martinez, 57, were in a separate vehicle that agents stopped. In the vehicle, officials seized 28 pounds of cocaine and 18 pounds of meth, which they say was wrapped in 18 "burrito-style" packages.

The value of the drugs found in the second vehicle totaled $418,000.

All four have been charged with conspiracy and transportation of narcotics.