Man on bail attempts to kidnap ex-wife at Walmart in shooting

Posted at 11:51 AM, Jan 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-23 20:08:06-05

A man released from jail for domestic violence tracked down his estranged wife and tried to kidnap her to "say goodbye" at a Tempe Walmart. 

Tempe police say that on January 16, the suspect fired two shots into the ceiling of a Tempe Walmart. The store was placed on lockdown as police investigated. 

The court documents reveal the 23-year-old shooter, Anthony Franklin Gutierrez, has several arrests for domestic violence and has in the past fled to Mexico to avoid going to jail.

Police recently arrested him again for domestic violence on January 9 after seeing his estranged wife for the first time since July. He was released with an ankle monitor.

Police say Gutierrez took a relative's car and gun before leaving a note and $99 at his estranged wife's home. In the note, he said goodbye and that he was going to end his life. Instead, police report that he went to the Walmart near Southern Avenue and Rural Road where the woman is employed.

He reportedly found her and said, "Don’t run, come with me or you're gonna die."

The victim did run, but Gutierrez chased after her, caught her and pointed the gun at her head. He then allegedly raised his arm and fired two shots into the ceiling and ran.

Police say he hid for twelve hours at a nearby elementary school before being located by police the next afternoon, near Southern Avenue and Alma School Road. Gutierrez was found with a handgun with four bullets left.

He reportedly told police that "he thought about using three for the police and one for himself."

He has been charged with multiple charges including attempted kidnapping and aggravated assault.