MCSO: Mesa residents capture mail thief at gunpoint

Posted at 1:10 PM, Nov 02, 2017

Two neighbors held a burglary suspect at gunpoint after catching him in the backyard of a Mesa home, according to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department.

The incident happened October 27 near Signal Butte and Brown Roads.

Deputies say a homeowner and her neighbor, Richard Schlenker, caught 19-year-old Pedro Reyes breaking into a structure in the backyard of the home. 

"I had my gun, it was pointed down. I told him to 'stop, get on your knees,' and he did. After finding out about him being on drugs and everything, I'm glad he did listen," said Schlenker. 

"He kind of just had a blank stare you know. He actually started crying a little bit because I think it then settled in what was going on."

Reyes was detained until deputies arrived. When deputies searched Reyes, they found him in possession of household items, sporting goods and U.S. Mail - including a box of checks from several homes in the area. 

Reyes reportedly admitted to taking the items and opening the mail, saying "It would lead me to something good." 

"It's wrong to come on someone else's property and try to take things. People just don't care anymore. One of the neighbors, they had just opened a new checking account. Their checks had just arrived that day, and this suspect had their mail, including these checks on him," said one of Reyes's victims, Martin Poland.

Reyes is in jail facing multiple charges of burglary and theft.