DPS: $100,000 Phoenix drug lab making 'wax' seized in raid

DPS: $100,000 Phoenix drug lab making 'wax' seized in raid
Posted at 1:10 PM, Jul 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-26 16:11:12-04

The Department of Public Safety located and raided an Ahwatukee drug lab making "wax", seizing lab equipment worth about $100,000.

DPS reports that on April 3 they made a traffic stop after they observed 30-year-old Jeffrey Wayne Barham driving while smoking marijuana.

Inside the car, they found multiple weapons and 11 vials of a marijuana concentrate known as "wax". The guns and drugs were taken, but Barham and his passenger were released. 

Follow up investigation revealed that Barham was running an operation where he would take large shipments of "high-grade" marijuana -- about 20 pounds at a time -- and process it into "wax." He was allegedly making "bulk quantities to be sold."

Officers served a warrant at Barham's home near 32nd Street and Chandler Boulevard. Inside the home, they located 20 firearms, 20 pounds of high-grade marijuana another 60 pounds of marijuana plant material used to make "wax."

They also reportedly found cocaine and $13,000 in cash. The total value of the drugs found in the home was about $70,000.

Investigators say the industrial-type lab equipment they found in the home has an estimated value of about $100,000.

Barham has been charged with conspiracy, drug manufacturing, money laundering and multiple weapons violations.