Death Row Diaries: Inmate offers to help with his own execution

Posted at 5:59 AM, Aug 05, 2017
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Arizona’s most notorious death row inmates past and present have incredible stories, including this one where a television appeal prompts a brother to tell all.

                         ROBERT GLEN JONES                         

                                Date of Birth: December 25, 1969                             

Sentenced: December 7, 1998

Executed: October 23, 2013



Date of Birth: September 28, 1967

Sentenced: May 18, 1998


Murder at Moon Shop:

It was May 30, 1996, when Robert Jones and Scott Nordstrom entered Tucson's Moon Smoke Shop and shot four people. As the front door was opened, Jones immediately shot one customer in the head. As other employees and customers hid, Jones went to the cash registers demanding they be opened. As the second one was being opened, a hiding employee heard more gunshots, as Jones shot another man in the face and arm. 

More shots were heard in a back room where Nordstrom shot another person twice a point blank range.

They left with the money which they divided between themselves and Scott Nordstrom's brother David, who was serving as a look out and driver. 

"I shot two people," "I shot one,"

As they drove down the alley Jones stated, "I shot two people," "I shot one," said Scott.

Two of the victims survived their injuries; one was able to push an alarm before falling to his knees. They were able to provide police with a sketch of one of the suspects.

Shooting at Firefighter's Union Hall:

Two weeks later, the Scott Nordstrom and Jones struck again. This time they entered the Firefighter’s Union Hall, also in Tucson. Jones shot and killed three customers while Scott Nordstrom shot and killed the bartender as she was unable to open the safe.

Three of the dead were still seated on barstools

After the shooting and robbery, one of the victim’s friends came into the Hall and found four people dead, three of the dead were still seated on barstools, with their heads resting on the bar. Jones had them lean forward and rest their heads on the bar as he shot them in the back of the head with a 9mm handgun.

Scott Nordstrom took a female employee to a back room forcing her to open the safe. When she was unable to, he kicked her in the face, then shot her in the head.

They left with about $1,300 and went to Nordstrom's father's home where they told David about what had happened. David then disposed of the guns, throwing them in a pond near Tucson.

A Brother Turns:

David Nordstrom kept everything a secret until seeing an appeal on television for information about the crimes. He confided in his girlfriend who contacted an anonymous line leading authorities to contacting David.

David admitted to police that he drove the car, as his brother Scott and Jones left the smoke shop.

He denied any involvement in the Firefighter's Union Hall shootings, saying he was home at the time. This claim was verified when his electronic monitoring device was checked by police. David was released from prison in January 1996 and was on "house arrest" for a theft conviction. He was wearing the device as a part of his probation. It was during this "house arrest" he became re-acquainted with Jones and his brother.

David relayed to police what Scott and Jones told him about what happened in the smoke shop and the union hall.

David Nordstrom served four years in prison for his part in the Smoke Shop robbery having been released in 2001.

Scott Nordstrom was convicted and sentenced to death on May 18, 1998. He remains on death row today.

Robert Jones was convicted and sentenced to death on December 7, 1998

Jones Execution October 23, 2013:

Free up one of my hands, I'll find it for you"

Jones Last Meal: Beef patty, mashed potatoes with brown gravy, carrots, wheat bread, a slice of glazed cake and juice

It took execution technicians about 30 minutes to find a usable vein to administer the lethal drugs. During that time Jones said, in jest, "Shooting dope. Free up one of my hands, I'll find it for you."

Jones Last Words: 'Love and respect my friends and family ...and hope my friends are never here."