Alleged high-end jewelry store robber now accused of taking Valley dealership's car... twice

Posted at 7:48 PM, Dec 31, 2020
and last updated 2021-01-01 00:22:41-05

A woman suspected of stealing more than $2 million worth of jewelry in California is now accused of using quite the scheme to take a Valley car dealership's vehicle... twice.

Karen Floyd, 55, was arrested in the Valley on a fugitive of justice warrant on December 21.

Court documents show Floyd was also arrested in November for allegedly taking a Kia Niro from a car dealership near Pima and Thomas roads multiple times.

According to court documents, in early November Floyd convinced a dealership salesperson to let her test drive the car solo. She allegedly did not return the vehicle.

"The dealership's like, 'well, we're going to have to locate our car," said Sgt. Mercedes Fortune with the Phoenix Police Department. "They do find it. They actually drive to that location, they take their car back, they have no contact with Karen and they go back and they park the vehicle in the dealership."

Still with a key to the car, twelve days later Floyd drove back to the dealership, left her personal vehicle and took the Kia Niro for a second time, according to court documents.

"To me that's incredible, it's brazen," Sgt. Fortune said. "Just the idea that you think 'hey they're going to forget that I have a key,' and I guess they did, and then go back and take that car."

Court documents indicate Floyd returned later the same day to retrieve her personal vehicle from the dealership.

According to court documents, officers located Floyd a few days later along with the Kia Niro and she was found to have the keys to the stolen car. She was placed under arrest.

Floyd has made headlines before. In January, police in Costa Mesa, California, accused her of stealing more than $2 million worth of jewelry from a high-end jewelry store. According to a press release, Floyd asked to try on high-end jewelry while inside the store. Once wearing the jewelry, she asked to view the jewelry in the sunlight and was told it could not leave the store. Floyd allegedly walked toward the entrance, showed a large knife and threatened security officers. Store security was able to catch her license plate number, which helped police track her down several days later, according to police.

Online court records show Floyd has pleaded not guilty to charges in that case, which is ongoing.

Floyd, booked for the fugitive warrant, is currently being housed at the Estrella jail and has another court date on January 8.