Victim identified in Phoenix deadly stabbing

Posted at 11:05 AM, Jun 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-13 16:00:56-04

New details have been released in a north Phoenix murder after a body was found by a passerby.

Police report that on June 3 a passerby saw an unresponsive man in a parking lot near Pinnacle Peak and Cave Creek roads.

The victim, now identified as Evin Ibrahim Paulos, was pronounced dead at the scene. Police say he had about 30 stabs wounds.

Phoenix Police have identified a suspect in this case, but have asked ABC15 not to release his name at this time. 

Investigators report that the suspect and Paulos knew each other since the suspect moved to Arizona recently from another state. He reportedly was a part of the drug and gang culture and came to Arizona to escape it. The suspect was described as "aggressive and inappropriate." 

Witnesses say Paulos and the suspect had their differences and sought to "fight it out." On June 2, the two did fight using headlights from a car for illumination. The suspect even recorded the fight on video. After the fight, Paulos went home and told family members they had worked things out and were still friends. 

Police say the next day the suspect came over to Paulos' home in the morning as Paulos was going to take a trip with the suspect. That was the last time Paulos was seen.

In contacting the suspect on his cell phone, a family member says the suspect told them that Paulos jumped out of the vehicle just down the street from their home, but he kept driving.

The suspect is being hunted by a fugitive task force and has already been charged with second-degree murder.