Workers wanted to help keep up with the increased demand for COVID-19 testing

Posted at 2:49 PM, Nov 23, 2020

PHOENIX — As coronavirus cases climb in Arizona and the holiday season inches closer, the demand for testing is reaching new heights.

Embry Women's Health has sites across the state and on Sunday, the company tested more than 12,000 people in a single day.

However, they need the help of Arizonans to keep up with this demand, and a jobseeker does not necessarily need a medical background to get a paycheck.

"A month, 6 weeks ago… we were testing between 2,500 - 4,000 patients daily," explained Embry Women's Health and TestNOW CEO Raymond Embry. "And now, we're testing nearly 12,000 patients."

The company admits, the rapid increase in demand has directly impacted their operation.

They are scaling to meet the needs as quickly as possible, and using LabCorp, their turnaround time is between three to five days.

"Back in October, we had somewhere around 250 employees," Embry said. "Yesterday, we set a new record of 731 employees across the state and that's not enough. I'm now saying, we need over 1,000 employees."

But Embry said - even that may not be enough. That is why positions across the company are open.

"It doesn't matter if you are a medical professional or somebody who is just passionate and wants to make a difference," said Embry.

In fact, the positions they desperately need to fill are the ones out at the testing sites in nearly 20 cities statewide.

"They just have to be out there, willing to smile, and willing to help patients," Embry said. "They don't need a medical background."

Some people may be hesitant to apply because they may be wondering, 'Will I have a job when this is over?'

Embry said, while of course, no one knows what is ahead with the coronavirus, he does believe there will be a need for more testing and administering vaccines for quite some time.

If a person has ever thought about getting into a stable industry in the country's unstable job market, healthcare is one of the safer bets and a great addition to any resume.

"If they're looking for real-world experience, to get hands-on interaction with patients, and to be able to continue building their knowledge of healthcare… They should absolutely apply for a job here."

A job that is more than just a job, but really a huge service to a community in crisis.

Embry Women's Health hosts hiring events every day at their Tempe location from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m., where an applicant could be offered a position on the spot.

To learn more, click here or call 480-376-2175.