Five siblings hoping for community support after losing both parents

Posted at 9:07 PM, Nov 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-01 00:24:09-05

SAN TAN VALLEY, AZ — Five siblings lost both of their parents unexpectedly, just two months apart. The only thing getting them through the toughest time in their lives is - each other.

“I just want them to know that we're going to be okay and I’m not mad at them for leaving us… and that, I just miss them. We all miss them,” says daughter Dallas Miranda.

Twenty-four-year-old Dallas Miranda is standing alongside her four siblings. They are holding their family together after losing their mother to cancer and then their father to COVID, just eight weeks later, on Thanksgiving.

“He wasn't the same without her, though. They had been together since she was 17 and they were married for almost 33 years. He always said, like, they hated being separated and they were each other's best friends,” says Dallas.

The siblings spoke with ABC15 on Tuesday. The eldest, 27-year-old Tatiana, has special needs. The two teenage boys, Anthony and David, were adopted. Twenty-two-year-old Anna is currently in college and Dallas is a new mother, who just moved back to Arizona with her fiancé.

“Me and my 22-year-old sister are trying to figure out how to keep... like a roof over everyone's head and keep the kids together,” says Dallas.

All while trying to lay their father to rest. A fundraiser for the family has already reached more than $6,000. The Miranda’s are hoping the community will continue supporting them as they try to navigate their future. ABC15 also connected them with a nonprofit organization to get the services and support they need.

"Right now, because both of our parents passed and our brothers are adopted, they are considered just parentless and in the system. Me and my little sister are hoping we can have custody until I can adopt them, or we can adopt them together,” says Dallas.

The siblings are all staying at their parents' home in San Tan Valley right now, hoping they can receive enough financial support to be able to keep it.

The family has created a GoFundMe page for support.