Center for COVID Control testing sites under scrutiny, shutting down for one week

Posted at 10:25 PM, Jan 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-14 00:25:11-05

PHOENIX — Coast to coast, the Center for COVID Control is experiencing high demand and plenty of controversy. ABC15 stopped by a couple of their testing sites in the Valley where, starting Friday, they'll be on pause for the next week.

"I am in shock. I don't what to say to be honest,” said a Goodyear father who did not want ABC15 to use his name.

This father took his 10-year-old daughter to the Center for COVID Control to get tested.

ABC15 did some digging and learned the Illinois-based company has been the focus of various consumer complaints. Some people say they received incorrect test results, or in some cases, did not receive their results at all.

Officials in several states have even launched investigations and are shutting some of the sites down completely for operating without a business license.

"I was like, no one is outside, so maybe I will get out quick, then I see all of these. Not good. This is not making me feel good at all,” said Celeste Morataya.

"The first time I got a test here, I walked in and both of the people providing the test were not wearing a mask,” said Summer Pettit.

Back in the Valley, many of those in line learned of the accusations from ABC15.

"I am very surprised. Their business came out of a search online from a government website I believe,” said the father from Goodyear.

ABC15 is yet to hear of any specific complaints or investigations linked to any of the five Arizona testing sites, but some people we spoke with at these locations tell us they are concerned.

"It's crazy. It could put people's life in danger. It's crazy,” said the Goodyear father’s daughter.

ABC15 reached out to the Center for COVID Control. The company says the one-week pause is for training. CCC acknowledges their need to evaluate company operations and resolve what they call operational inequities.