ASU will require masks inside classrooms and research labs

Posted at 11:39 AM, Aug 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-11 22:39:32-04

TEMPE, AZ — Arizona State University announced Wednesday that face coverings will be required inside all classrooms as well as teaching and research labs.

In a release, the school says it will continue to remain consistent with CDC guidelines for colleges and universities, and recommends that everyone wear a face covering when inside any university building.

In addition to classrooms and labs, face coverings will be required in other environments where physical distancing may not be possible. Those include:

“All ASU clinical programs and centers that serve the general public, such as the ASU Health Centers, Child Development Laboratory, and Counselor Training Center (the “Programs”), whether on- or off-campus.

Meeting rooms, workshop, design or production studios, and other indoor settings where social distancing is not possible.

All other indoor areas designated by posted signage.”

Northern Arizona University and the University of Arizona also announced face mask mandates indoors on Wednesday.

University of Arizona:

“Based on the current health conditions and aligned with CDC guidance as well as our commitment to deliver in-person learning at the University of Arizona, we will require face masks be worn in all indoor spaces where it is not possible to adequately and continuously maintain social distance,” the school released in a statement Wednesday.

Northern Arizona University:

"We will require face coverings in certain settings, including all classrooms and teaching and research labs and other indoor and outdoor settings where physical distancing may not be possible," NAU President Jose Luis Cruz Rivera announced Wednesday.

Governor Doug Ducey's stance on schools implementing mask mandates is unwavering, as he doubled down during a recent press event calling mandates unlawful.

"We’ve made it clear there are no mask mandates in the state of Arizona," said Governor Ducey. Over the summer, he signed HB 2898 into law, which, in part, prohibited schools from forcing a mask mandate onto students. The bill goes into effect on September 29.

Despite his stance, many districts around the Valley continue to implement their own mask mandates as well as cases COVID continue to spread.