Arizonans split on whether to receive COVID-19 vaccines so soon

Posted at 1:28 PM, Dec 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-10 20:22:51-05

PHOENIX — Many Arizonans are split over the decision whether or not to receive the COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available.

When asked if he was willing to take it, Edward Sobolewski responded, "No ma'am, no ma'am."

"I do believe there is unbelievable pressure on these drug companies and of course on top of that, the sooner that they get it out the more money they will make" he said.

"I am very leery of the vaccine and on both sides, I feel the vaccine has been politicized," he added.

United Nations Church Pastor Charl McRae said, "I'm not opposed to the COVID vaccine, let me just say that."

He echoed Edward's sentiments about the vaccine. "I think fear and panic and the need is what fuels the process, but I don't think it is what should finalize the process," said McRae.

McRae said he is fully confident in the scientists working to make the vaccine, but thinks the pressure to roll it out as soon as possible could cause more harm than good.

"Because at the end of the day, those same scientists now that we are putting under a hidden time restrain would be the same ones who have to sleep at night if their vaccine does opposite of what their vaccine was set out to do," he added.

Kim Kriesel of Chandler, the mother of two young children, believes the speediness of the vaccine is what is needed and has full confidence that the efficiency is there.

"They (FDA) was able to cut down on some of the regulation time and there was a reason for that. We needed to get this out there as quickly as possible."

She is part of a COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial that is currently in Phase III.

Kriesel says she took the vaccine 10 days ago and has no symptoms or side effects. She said not only did she do it to be healthy for her family, but for the greater good of the community.

"I see a very big picture that is all related to COVID. I'm not worried about the disease, I'm worried about the surrounding issues and what is important to me and my family."