ADHS: COVID-19 cases among vaccinated in Arizona now at 11%

Posted at 5:23 PM, Jul 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-23 20:35:04-04

The Arizona Department of Health Services told ABC15 in an email that 1 in 10 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the state are from fully vaccinated people in July.

State health officials reported on social media back in mid-June that the COVID-19 “breakout” rate among Arizonans was 1 in 20.

Here is the breakdown of the numbers as of July 19, according to Department of Health spokesperson Steve Elliot. The positive tests for this data were collected between January 14 and July 16.

4,403 confirmed vaccine breakthrough cases in 15 counties.

83% reached for follow-up were symptomatic.

15% reached for follow-up are hospitalized, but the department says it is unknown if the hospitalization is related to COVID-19 or the patients were tested routinely, and COVID-19 was incidentally found.

34 deaths among breakthrough cases, a preliminary number the health department is still researching.

2,593 (59%) breakouts are from Pfizer, 1,149 (26%) Moderna and 653 (15%) Johnson & Johnson.

The department has not released total vaccination numbers by manufacturer, so it is unclear if this list is proportional.

As of Friday morning, the health department reported 3,313,153 Arizonans as fully vaccinated, meaning that even though the COVID-19 breakout rate has doubled since June, it still only represents a little over .01% of vaccinated people.

This new information comes as the more contagious delta variant now makes up about 77% of tests sequenced by TGen laboratories in the month of July.

The seven-day average of newly added COVID-19 cases is up 28% from last week and 103% from two weeks ago.

COVID-19 hospital bed usage is also up 28% although the metric is still 80% lower than it registered during the peak of the pandemic in January.