Is it better to buy a home by Target or Walmart?

Posted at 12:22 PM, Mar 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-15 18:04:42-04

Walmart or Target: do you have a favorite Superstore?

If you're a homeowner near a Target store, you may want to aim at the red bulls-eye.

According to a new RealtyTrac study, home values appreciated more for homeowners near a Target than those near Walmart stores.

How much so?

RealtyTrac looked at homeowners who sold in 2015. Those near a Target saw an average 27 percent increase in home price since they purchased their home. That's an average price gain of $65,569.

As for homeowners near a Walmart, the numbers were bleak in comparison. They saw, on average, a 16 percent appreciation and price gain of $24,900. Property appreciation in zip codes nationwide averaged 22 percent, while the average price gain is $40,626.

The value of homes near a Target also average significantly higher than the value of a home near Walmart: $307,286 compared to $178,249 respectively. Home prices nationwide averaged $215,921 across all zip codes.

But if Walmart is your local go-to megastore, there is a bright side.

You may not have to rollback on spending as much. Property taxes for homeowners near a Walmart averaged just $3,146, while taxes on homes near Target more than doubled that with an average of $7,001.